Research shows guests EXPECT to check availability and reserve online at their leisure. If you’re not offering this service to your guests YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Allow your guests to check availability and book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your website should be FUNCTIONAL - Pronto will display availability, quote rates, and take reservations right from your website.

The Online Booking Application

The web-booking module allows guests to check availability and reserve rooms directly via the Internet from anywhere around the world. The web-booking user interface is very simple and easy to navigate. Guests are guided through the process by a series of instructions. Visitors are shown availability as soon as they select arrival and departure dates. To place a reservation request or booking, the visitors enter the required information and press the send button. A unique reservation number is issued once the data is successfully entered in the database. An email alert informs you of new requests. The booking interface can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

The Front Desk Program

Our revolutionary Reservation Management Software allows you to manage reservations, cancellations, guest data, financial data, maintenance tasks and on-line reservation requests in one intelligent and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it enables visitors to your web site to graphically view availability, place reservation requests or book hotel rooms, cottages, suites or time-share condos in over the internet.

The program features different access levels based on user ID and password to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. By selecting a date from the calendar, the user can easily see all bookings for that day. Details such as guest name, phone number, departure and arrival dates are clearly shown for each room. In addition, daily totals of adults, kids and total guests are also displayed. By clicking on a room number, the user can view and edit reservation details, and delete or cancel a reservation. Moreover, the software allows users to search the database for a record by last name or guest ID. Reservations can also be viewed a week at a time in addition to the day-by-day format shown above. The program generates several reports, including: housekeeping, recent-reservations, web-reservations, daily-reservations, weekly-reservations, financial data, maintenance, and conflict reports. Each report is date-stamped and is pre-formatted for a standard printer. Room descriptions and rates can easily be edited.

The most powerful feature of the software is its reservation capability. By using the calendar, the user selects arrival and departure dates. The program searches through the database and displays availability for the period. To place a reservation, the user simply clicks on an available room number and fills out the required information. Guest information can easily be recalled using the search function. After the reservation request is sent to the database, the guest is issued a unique confirmation number. The user can print out a confirmation letter or send an email confirmation. Both Guest Registration forms and Cancellation Receipts can also be printed out.

Our powerful data-backed application securely stores all information. The software may run on your local computer or it can be hosted on a server. The required reservation information, color scheme, logo, or interface language may be customized. The online booking application can be accessed over the internet 24/7 from anywhere in the world so that visitors may do their booking at leisure regardless of time differences. This is especially useful for visitors from overseas.

Our hotel reservation software enables hotels, B&B's, resorts, time-share condos, inns, cottages and spas to generate direct bookings from their web site 24/7. Moreover, it will pay for itself after just a few reservations. Please contact us for more information and we will introduce you to this revolutionary technology. You won't be disappointed.

How PRONTO can help your business

  • Save time and money by recording monthly totals for HST, service charges, room charges, etc. into your accounting software rather than re-entering each transaction.
  • Generate financial, housekeeping and maintenance reports and cash flow forecasts.
  • Look professional with customized Invoices, Registration Receipts, Confirmation Letters and Confirmation E-mails.
  • Use database to send out promos to past guests.
  • Stop entering repeat data and reduce mistakes by pre-programming items such as rental fees, food and bar items, packages, and others.
  • Reduce costly mistakes and save time by having PRONTO’s automatic rate calculator calculate your rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful data-backed architecture;
  • Product has been extensively tested and debugged;
  • Graphical, user-friendly, point-and-click interface;
  • Fast algorithm;
  • Multiple language support can be added;
  • Hints guide the visitor through the process;
  • Cross-platform support;
  • Password-protected Admin module;
  • Web-booking platform is available 24/7;
  • You can use visitor database to mail out newsletters or coupons;
  • Versatile and customizable.